Stationality | Powering Your Brand.

What is Stationality?

Stationality® began in 2003 with the vision of making a radio station’s online presence match their imaging and attitude. Since then we’ve worked with many iconic stations, including, KUBL-FM, KATM-FM, KMJ-AM, WPHT-AM, and many more. Along with stations themselves, we’ve worked with some of the biggest names in imaging, like, John Willyard and more.

Today, Stationality® still focuses on radio while serving clients in other industries, such as Donner-Peltier Distillers, Shon Cook Law, All Star Automotive & more.

What We Do

  • Web Design & Development

    Simple fact: everybody is online now. Yes, there are countless places to get your website done, and yes, there are countless cheap ways to do it. But, keep in mind, what you are talking about putting online is YOUR BRAND, which will be smack in front of countless people from all over, not just your own backyard. Given that, no matter what you do, make sure it's done right. Not only in how it may work and function, but in how it looks and relays your very important message.

    A lot of websites are like a lot of neighborhoods now. You can visit a friend's house and get confused because their house looks like every other house on the street, with the only thing identifying their house are the address numbers tacked on one of the exterior walls of the house. Sure, each home can choose their houses color, landscaping, mailbox, lighting, etc.... but, and this is a big but (no offense), HOA plays a factor in that process in many places... meaning, you still wind up with almost every house looking exactly the same, only able to choose colors from a very small palette, with restrictions on what you can plant or what exterior lights you can use. In simple terms, it's normalization. 

    Now, in a business sense, do you actually want to look just like your competitor? Or like the business in the office/kiosk next to you? Of course not. Your station is unique. Your business is unique. Regardless if there are others doing what you do, or playing the same music your station does, it should all be about YOUR presentation, that is what sets you apart from your competition. Stationality's® goal has always been to make your station or business stand out from the rest, and to make it function like you need it to do. 

    Yes, Stationality® has our own system to power sites, that's the MSA. But not every client or potential client needs it or can even use it as they are already on a system. That makes no difference to us. Sure, we can build something fresh and power it right now with the MSA, giving you control to do what you need to do... or, we can step in to whatever situation you may be in now. Maybe you have a site via a corporate deal that you are locked into. That's no problem for us. We can still help touch up various things regardless of who hosts your site or what system your site is controlled by.

    The MSA itself allows for many options and features, many of which are custom built out for certain projects. Obviously the typical elements, like posting articles, is a given. But we create custom solutions within the MSA for things like episodes, podcasting (direct to iTunes), automatic artist pages (for stations), automatic form generation on contest pages, remote listings with maps and custom QR codes, and much much more. Often times, if there is a specific need, we customize the MSA as needed for each client.

    Stationality® can help. Contact us today to find out how.

  • Logo Design & Brand Identity

    At Stationality®, we believe that your brand is more than just your logo. Much more.

    Sure, if you just need a logo, Stationality® can create one. But, we’re thinking beyond just that, as your logo will have to work in multiple formats, for multiple audiences at multiple times of the year. That means that your logo will have to look great no matter what you use it for or on. Things like any random print ads you run, to how it appears in your email signature, to how it looks in the header of your website, to how it looks on the side of that huge Econoline van you have in the station garage, even to how it can move and animate in a television commercial.

    Stationality’s® founding and focus may have always been in broadcasting, but we deal with a lot more than just broadcast stations. We understand quite a bit about how to make your logo “pop” out of the screen, no matter if you are broadcasting or not. We also apply that technique to how it is used on everything to make your station, your business or your product sing.

    If you run a station, think about it – you would never just throw any song onto the air, right? No, you spend thousands and thousands on research, consultants, auditorium testing and more to ensure you are playing just the right song at the right moment. Do the same for your image. Stationality® can help.

    For businesses, it’s often the same thing. Maybe they don’t spend thousands on music testing, but they do spend thousands on research on their marketplace to get the right traffic and clientele into their place of operation.  

    For any business, broadcasting or not - it's about getting it right. That is what Stationality® is here to do.

  • Print & Outdoor

    The title of "print" can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. For us at Stationality®, it means no matter what type of print piece you want, it's important that your brand and message grabs the attention of whoever is seeing it.

    This has been discussed numerous times, so you may already know this - but take a billboard for example. Of course, a big 14'x48' billboard on the side of the road is huge... but, you have to factor in lots of other elements. If it's on the side of an interstate with a speed limit of 70mph, vehicles will be flying by that board constantly, but few many actually see it. That's the 7-8 second rule in play. That means, keep the message on a billboard short and sweet, and able to be understood and digested by a driver within seconds, because they can't sit there for an hour trying to read all of the info on your billboard as they are needing to navigate traffic. 

    At Stationality®, we design everything print related. Print ads of all shapes and sizes, direct mail, flyers, tickets, sales packages, outdoor media (like those billboards), and much more. We've even wrapped the sides of buildings, entire semi's and double decker buses, even created displays that span multiple windows in the front of offices, and lots of other various items.

    Need an ad or other print piece designed and setup? Contact Stationality® today and let's talk print.

  • Vehicle Wraps

    We've done a lot of radio station wraps since we've started. From simple decal jobs on vehicles, to full blown wraps of every section of the vehicle. So we understand how to make it all work, how to make your logo jump off of it, what materials should be used, and what types of installers can get it setup right. 

    When we first started, there were much fewer wraps on the road, and fewer companies doing them. Now, there are tons and tons of companies vying for your wrapping budget. At Stationality®, we have done as little as the design of wraps or layout of decals, then handed it off to printers and installers. We've also done the entire project from start to finish. So we understand the ins and outs of setup and how to get it done and on your vehicle.

    The materials used for a wrap are important, so is the installation procedure. If done right, you'll have a wrap on your vehicle that could last for 3-5 years easy (with proper upkeep). If shoddy materials are used, or a not so good installation happens though, you may need to change the wrap within a year or two. Point is, don't fool around with your investment. Your station or company vehicle will be acting like a moving billboard on the streets of your marketplace. 

    If you have a station, it's possible that you already have a printer and installer in your area that you have to use due to a corporate vendor list. That's ok. We can design it, then will gladly coordinate directly with them on the printing and installation of the wrap.

    Whether you have a brand new vehicle fresh off the showroom floor, or a 20 year old van sitting in the station garage, we can make it look fantastic as it cruises around town. Contact Stationality® today to find out what we can do for you.

  • Social & Marketing

    Marketing is a lot more than just telling your friend, or having solid word of mouth to keep new business coming in, or new listeners for your station. When considering marketing efforts, there are of course, a lot of options out there. Things like signs, billboards, vehicle wraps, television spots, print ads, flyers, direct mail, and more, including social engagement. 

    In today's times, virtually everyone is on social to some degree, some more than others. There are even some who think that just being on social is enough to fulfill all of their marketing goals, only to be disappointed when it doesn't work as they hoped. Of course, just focusing on social alone can and does work for some people, but for others, not so much.

    Fact is, for something like most businesses and broadcast stations, social has become a very important aspect of their daily marketing focus, even if they don't flesh it out as much as they could. Some think if they just create a social account on Facebook, Twitter or the like that instantly, they will become an internet sensation. That is simply not always the case.

    At Stationality®, we understand that. We've helped companies deal with countless marketing efforts, including social campaigns. We still do a lot of traditional marketing work as well, such as Direct Mail and various other print work. Those still work great for a lot of customers. However, we also do quite a bit for our customers social spaces as well. 

    Need help? That's what Stationality® is here to do. We can create graphics, produce videos and animations for any of the social sites, even going so far as to create and manage any of the social systems like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and many more. We can step in to assist you getting your daily posts out, or be the ones to make those daily posts happen. 

  • Video Production

    Not all television campaigns need to cost an arm and a leg, and you don't have to lose any quality either.

    Stationality® has a background in both radio and television. Regardless if you are a radio station, television station, or one of many businesses out there, we can help. 

    Fact is, a lot of businesses only choices are to have the television station that will be running their spot produce the commercial for them. Not to talk bad about any process, but that very thing results in most spots produced being less than mind blowing in most cases. Your business, your station, your brand deserves some special attention.

    From radio station tv spots, to car dealers, to regular businesses, even sports stars, Stationality® can help on your next television campaign. We're budget friendly, and inject the ideas to help make your campaign a memorable one. 

    Contact Stationality® today for more information on what we can do.